[JUNG SAEMMOOL] Essential Mool Cream Maximize

[JUNG SAEMMOOL] Essential Mool Cream


[JUNG SAEMMOOL] Essential Mool Cream 

Moisture-wrapping cream with surprising texture that turns intorefreshing liquid as soon as it’s applied on skin. 


Moisture-wrapping of Surprising Texture

Low viscous texture for fast absorption of active components becomes liquidy texture when it touches the skin and it gives enriched finish over time. Creates powerful moisturizing and enriched film on skin with air-light feeling.

Enhancing the Skin Barrier

Infusion of Lecithin which has similar formation of essential fatty acid enhances skin barrier, and Squalane hydrates and enriches skin.

Ultra-moisturizing Effect of Fermented Pearl Extract

Fermented hydrolyzed pearl extract and hyaluronic acid maximize the absorption and protect hydrating layer on your skin.

Brightening Function of White Flower Complex

Complexes extracted from eight different white flowers; lotus, iris, jasmine, lily, edelweiss, rose, freesia and daffodil, brightens and refreshes your complexion.

Accomplishing Natural Makeup with this surprising textured moisturizing cream

Light-texture allows the lighter and more natural expression of makeup.

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[JUNG SAEMMOOL] Essential Mool Cream

[JUNG SAEMMOOL] Essential Mool Cream

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